Neanderthal notes 12-2 - Neanderthal DNA • Neanderthals...

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Neanderthals Height Combined – 4.9 to 5.6 ft Weight Combined – 110 to 142 lbs Postcrania – very robust, barrel chested, powerfully muscled Cranial/Postcrania adapted for a cold environment Cranial Morphology: 1520cc (Cold adaptation?), wide nasal aperture and prognathic Speech: (Western Asia), (60,000 BP), Kebara Cave, Israel, Modern Hyoid: Suggests larynx Subsistence: Hunters- spears, had to get close to prey Trinkaus: Patterns of injury similar to rodeo riders Gathering: berries, nuts, and plants Neanderthals elaborated on Levallois technique Invented Mousterian Industry – Wider range of shapes and uses, more flakes per core Chatelperronian tools – borrowed technology from AMH and modified, blade based tools with specific functions, disappeared 34 kya Did Humans and Neanderthals interbreed? Lagar Velho (Portugal) 224,500 BP 4 year old child A “morphological mosaic” with features of both Neanderthals and modern humans Published in 1999 PNAS but remains controversial
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Unformatted text preview: Neanderthal DNA • Neanderthals did not contribute the mtDNA to modern humans • Differences outside the variation of modern human DNA – more than three times Homo Floresiensis (Flores Man) • Eight short human beings • Small brain volume • Liang Bua cave on the Indonesian island of Flores • 95-12kya Female Skeleton: • In her 30’s • 18,000 years old • 1 meter tall • brain volume a mere 380cc • H. floresiensis is a variation of H. erectus and that both may have existed side by side • stone carved and sharpened for particular purposes, and animal bones, show that these people • were successful hunters capable of catching animals larger than themselves • Miniature shone Acheulian tools?? Island Dwarfism-Living things divided by geographic isolation from the land population undergoing gradual physical shrinkage due to a local insufficiency of food resources...
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  • Neanderthal, Neanderthals interbreed, plants Neanderthals, cold environment Cranial, ft Weight Combined, shone Acheulian tools

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Neanderthal notes 12-2 - Neanderthal DNA • Neanderthals...

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