Skees notes - Homo Habilis postcranial remains longer arms...

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Homo Habilis postcranial remains longer arms and shorter legs than humans curved toes and fingers tree climbing continued to play a role virtually identical to earlier australopithecines genus homo? Oldowan Stone tools Best behavioral dividing line between homo and australopithecines oldest tools 2.5 mya simple cores, whole flakes, flaking debris more meat in diet scavenging or hunting Homo rudolfensis 1972 by Richard leakey and Bernard Ngeneo Koobi Fura,Kenya – east side of lake turkana 2 mya KNM – ER 1470 Large brain (775 cc) originally thought to be H Habalis H rudolfensis vs H Habilis much debated topic both originated – 2mya rudolphensis brain size much longer facial and teeth measurements differ Evolutionary relationships? H Rudolphensis originally attributed to genus homo may be first member of genus homo on a path to modern humans or… homo – like australopithecine w/ no direct bearing on the evolution of H Dapiens Homo egaster and homo erectus no dispute they are related to us Homo Egaster
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Originally H erectus brain size 850-900 cc two sites in Africa koobi fora, Kenya west turkana, Kenya 1.8 – 1.5 mya acheulian stone tools who is homo egaster homo erectus is a migration of homo egaster egaster came first 1.75 mya two were found
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Skees notes - Homo Habilis postcranial remains longer arms...

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