Test 3 notes - Exam 3 10/21 "The Last Great Ape" -Binobos-...

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Exam 3 10/21 “The Last Great Ape” -Binobos- peacemakers -Females have power -1994 destruction of homeland-Causalities of war -Major activity “sex” -Great Congo River (Democratic Republic of Congo) -Different groups/Diff sides -Journey takes many days to travel -Females come together -Oldest and richest rainforests in the world -Sociable -Relaxed, afternoon naps, highly social -Unlike Chimps -Mothers nurse babies for 5 years -Females eat first -Humans share 98% of DNA -Frances White (scientist) -Fewer then 55,000 still alive -1994-Genocide Apes and Ape Behavior I. Hominoids A. Superfamily includes fossil and modern apes and humans B. How do apes differ from monkey 1. No tails 2. Larger body size 3. Shoulder adapted for suspensory locomotion a. Wide thorax, shortened trunk 4. Complex behavior with hands and feet II. Taxonomy A. Hominoidea 1. Hylobatidae (family) a. Lesser apes b. Gibbons and Siamangs 2. Pongidae (family) a. Great apes b. Orangutans, gorilla, and chimps 3. Hominidae (family) a. Homo III. Hylobatidae A. Gibbons 1. 12 species in SE Asia 2. Smallest apes a. Gibbons b. Siamangs (Larger)
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3. Monkey like but specialized limbs 4. Solely arboreal 5. Primarily frugivorous 6. Monogamous ( no sexual dimorphism) B. White Handed Siamang 7. Fiercely territorial 8. Calling bouts 9. Has naked air – sac C. Monogamous 1. Basic unit = one female one male 2. Territories 3. Intersexual competition 4. Little or no sexual dimorphism IV. Pongidae A. Orangutan 1. “man of the forest” 2. SE Asia a. Pygmaus = Borneo b. Abelii = Sumatra 3. Upland forest 4. Largest Asian apes 5. Very sexually dimorphic 6. Frugivores 7. Males solitary 8. Females travel with immature offspring 9. Suspensory (quadrumanus climbing) a. Four limbs 10. Quadrupedal on ground with bunched fists 11. Basic unit = individual female and offspring 12. Individual males have ranges that overlap several adult female ranges B. Gorilla 1. 2 types a. Gorilla Gorilla b. Gorilla beringi 2. Mountains and lowlands of eastern Africa- gorilla beringi 3. Lowlands of western Africa- gorilla gorilla 4. Highly sexually dimorphic 5. Terrestrial a. knuckle walking
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Test 3 notes - Exam 3 10/21 "The Last Great Ape" -Binobos-...

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