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Matt Breitung 12/1/2008 Professor Sinelli ANT 2511 In October of 2004, the 18,00 year old remains of what is thought to be homo florensis were found on the Indonesian Island of Flores. This species, also known as hobbits, are thought to have smaller, different shaped crania’s. There is much debate over whether this specimen was indeed a new species of hominid or if it was rather just a deformed version of homo sapiens. According to expert Robert Martin, the new find simply had a deformed, miniature brain. There is actually a condition that can explain why this is so called microcephaly. To complicate the matter, they also found hundreds of tools on the very same Island of Flores that were made in the same manner as the tools found around homo florensis. It is said that homo florensis inherited this knowledge about tool-making from homo erectus. According to Susan Larson of Stony Brook University, the shoulder joint
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Unformatted text preview: of homo florensis looks a lot more like that of homo erectus than homo sapiens. The researchers who dug up this find now think that there is a missing link between homo erectus and homo florensis. They believe that there is yet another species in between these two. The thinking behind it is that there is no possible way that something so large as homo erectus could directly evolve into something so small as homo florensis. I side with the idea that there is no way that this could directly evolve, but it seems like there is a definite connection between erectus and florensis. It is in my opinion that there could be even more than one species missing from the pages that will tell us how florensis’ brain got to be the size of a house cat’s....
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