Chapter 10 study guide

Chapter 10 study guide - • How is sex determined • How...

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Chapter 10 Who was accredited with being the first person to study genetics? What was mendel’s first experiment, and what did it show? What is mendel’s first law? How is it explained in Meiosis? When performing a test-cross, what kind of genotype do you use? What is mendel’s second law? How did Mendel test it? How does meiosis explain mendel’s second law? What is a pedigree? What do the different symbols in a pedigree mean? How does environment affect phenotype? How are linked genes determined? How can one figure out how far away they are? How are chromosome maps made? How do chromatids exchange genes? Who is morgan? What kind of animal did he study? What important measurement is named after morgan?
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Unformatted text preview: • How is sex determined? • How are the X and Y chromosome different? • How are sex linked diseases spread? • Name some sex-linked disorders • What other forms of inheritance are there? Terms: Self polination Character Trait Parental generation Filial generation Monohybrid cross Dominant Recessive Gene Homozygous Heterozygous Phenotype Genotype Locus Allele Test cross Linked Dihybrid Recombinant Pedigree Wild type Mutations Polymorphic Incomplete dominance Codominance Pleitropic Epistasis Complementary genes Penetrance Expressivity Recombinant frequencies Genetic maps Centimorgans Sex chromosomes Autosomes Sex linked Mitochondrial DNA...
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Chapter 10 study guide - • How is sex determined • How...

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