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/* Kanad Biswas / To add elements at the front of a list and to print the contents. Illustrates the use of double pointers. */ * #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> # struct node { int data; struct node *next; }; } void Add_Front(struct node* *list,int d ); void PrintList( struct node *list); v int main( ) { int number = 0; struct node *pList=NULL; // Let the user add values until they enter -1. while(number!= -1) { // Get the number. printf("enter data for next node\n"); scanf("%d", &number); // Add it if it's not -1. if (number !=-1) Add_Front( &pList,number ); } // Print out the resulting list. printf("items in linked list \n\n"); PrintList ( pList ); printf("\n"); system("PAUSE"); return 0; } // Pre-conditions: list is a POINTER to the pointer that is the head of a linked list. // Post-conditions: Adds a node storing d to the front of the list passed in and edits // the pointer to the head of the list to point to this newly
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Unformatted text preview: created // node. void Add_Front(struct node* *list,int d ) { v // Create the new node. struct node * pNew=(struct node *) (malloc(sizeof(struct node))); pNew->data = d ; pNew->next = NULL ; // The original list is NULL, so now set the original pointer to point to // the new node. if(*list== NULL) *list = pNew; // In this case, *list is pointing to a non-empty list. else { // Attach the new node to the rest of the list. pNew->next = *list; // Reset the list pointer. *list = pNew ; } } // Pre-condition: list points to the head of a linked list. // Post-condition: Prints out each item in the list pointed to by list, in order. void PrintList( struct node *list) { // Iterate through each item and print it! while (list != NULL) { printf("-->%d", list->data); list = list->next; } printf("\n"); }...
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Untitled3 - created node void Add_Front(struct...

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