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Hey all, Here's the homework assignment due FRIDAY: 1) Analyze the commentary you chose to share with the class, using these prompts: What is the trend or situation on which the commentary focuses? Does the author (speaker) give the reader (listener) an interesting introduction to the issue? Explain. Does the author explain the context of the issue? How in-depth does he/she go? Who do you think the INTENDED audience is? What are some possible causes of the trend/situation the author explores? What examples or observations does the author give from his/her own life to back their belief that these are possible causes? What is the author's stance on the topic? What significance does the author see in this trend/situation? Your analysis
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Unformatted text preview: should be 1-2 WORD pages, copied and pasted into your discussion response. 2) Compose a thesis statement for your own commentary. Satisfactory theseis statements offer an observation of a trend or situation. Strong thesis statements offer some insight into what the trend or situation signifies. Outstanding thesis statements offer a qualified and thought-out insight into what a trend or situation signifies. 3) Comment on 1 or 2 other commentaries your classmates shared with us. 4) Be prepared to examine the thesis statements shared on the discussion post (entitled THESIS STATEMENTS) in class on Wednesday. We'll evaluate some in class. Happy commentating! Dr. B...
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