Core 2 - Matt Breitung Core 2 Revised Coolio's Too Hot goes...

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Matt Breitung Core 2 Revised Coolio’s Too Hot goes against the norm and speaks out about safe sex and HIV. Although the song itself as far as listening quality is nothing special, he effectively portrays how rampant and wild HIV can be if safe sex is not observed. This song was written during the mid-90’s and was during a time when scientists were still finding new things about HIV and AIDS. Safe sex was not promoted as frequently then as it is today. His audience was certainly the youth of America anywhere from young teens to adults in their 30’s. It is still, to this day, unusual for a famous rap artist to promote a song about safe sex. Coolio’s lyrics in Too Hot have an aggressive feel that outlines the very nature of HIV. He appeals to his younger audiences when he references “aim” for the widely popular AOL Instant Messenger before he goes in detail about how HIV spreads. He gives a long list of names before he ends up saying, “Rob slept with Lisa who slept with Steve, and Steve was positive HIV”. He names eight different people who are inferred now have HIV just because Steve did not have safe sex. I feel that this is the best, most effective part of the song because it shows how rampant HIV can be and opens the eyes of listeners. He once again appeals to the younger audience when he says, “You’re doing everything momma told you not to do, now you're trying to walk away ‘cuz you know it's true”. This line effectively
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Core 2 - Matt Breitung Core 2 Revised Coolio's Too Hot goes...

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