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Matt Breitung Core 4 10 October 2008 Dr Brodkin Underrage Drinking Cover This paper is comprised of the background of why alcohol is such an issue for underage kids as well as what can be done to limit or even stop underage drinking. The situation at hand includes the background information as to why kids struggle with drinking at young ages. It includes what mental processes kids go through before they drink. This attempts to explain the reasoning behind it all. The paper contains several specific statistics that outline the serious problems America faces with underage drinking. The purpose of this paper is to convey the real problems of underage drinking and open the public’s eyes to what needs to be done. Once again, the statistical evidence paired with the logical
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Unformatted text preview: reasoning should evoke the reader to grow concern towards underage drinking and create awareness towards the problem. Once awareness of the problem has been established, one can hope that the reader will act upon supporting a society free from underage drinking. The audience I have chosen is those reading the USA Today. The general audience of who reads the USA today is anywhere from adults to older teens. The reason behind this choice is adults are the ones who can control this situation. More specifically, those in government positions have power to control this issue. Hopefully they will pick up the USA Today and see some of the statistics and be convinced that the way things are now cannot continue....
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