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Dear Joe - extremely fun for me growing up and I also...

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Dear Joe, After much thought I still cannot decide whether or not sports are ultimately good for kids. I was hoping you would be able to assist me in the decision. I have been through quite a bit of ups and downs when it comes to my experiences with sports. My parents constantly pushed me to become better and try to proceed to the next level. This was often overbearing and often hurt our relationship when I went against their ideas. They saw that I had potential and pushed me towards becoming better, which is most cases would be a great thing, but they just seemed to go overboard. On the flipside, sports were always
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Unformatted text preview: extremely fun for me growing up and I also learned many valuable lessons such as determination. As I know you played your share of sports growing up, how was it for you? Did you have to battle your parents on a regular basis because of it like I did? Did it constantly bear struggle on your relationship? What kind of lessons did you learn throughout playing sports as a kid? I am sure it had some sort of impact on your life. I appreciate your response and I hope all is well. Your friend, Matt Breitung...
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