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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon John McCain’s acceptance speech goes farther than simply thanking the American people, more specifically the republicans. His speech outlines many key topics surrounding his campaign and does it in a very effective way. McCain does a good job in also crediting Barrack Obama for his accomplishments. McCain uses ethos when he says that he respects Obama which, in turn, allows McCain’s audience to respect him. Senator McCain also reveals his running mate, Sarah Palin. He outlines a few of her key features that sound pleasing to the republican audience such as her desire to cut taxes, her family of five, and her experience with the middle class and small businesses. McCain tells his audience who he is fighting for. He says he does not care about pleasing his party, but rather pleasing the American people. He uses pathos by going into detail about a few families of whom he will fight for. This appeals his audience once more because most conservatives hold family values with high esteem. The next topic of his speech is our energy situation. He uses logos and outlines a few
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