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Reminisce week 2 - Throughout the course of my life my...

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Throughout the course of my life, my relationship with my dad has always been a bit rocky. No, my dad has never left us and my parents never been divorced, but my we have always had complications when it comes to getting along. One of my major activities growing up as well as currently is playing baseball. He was always there for me to give me hints and watch to make sure I was doing everything right as far as my athletic form, nutrition, and everything surrounding it. He thought I had great potential and on the surface this seemed like an awesome loving thing he was doing for me. I still to this day appreciate all the time and effort he spent in my life but he always seemed to make the overall situation negative. When I reminisce about the course of my life and the relationship we have had, one specific even stands out in my mind. I was around thirteen-years-old and I played baseball for a city league. We played around two games every week as well as weekly practice and my dad always either helped assistant-coach or was there on the sidelines acting like a coach. We had a
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