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Thomas Ronan Cost Accounting – Research Paper Professor Kelly November 3, 2008 Burton Snowboarding Company The topic of my research project is based on Burton Snowboarding Company. Burton was formulated in 1977 when a man by the name of Jake Burton Carpenter designed a prototype after receiving a Snurfer for Christmas. An entrepreneur with a vision, Jake spent countless hours building hundreds of snowboards until his design proved to be reliable and entertaining. Since 1977, Burton has been a big name in the sport of snowboarding. Their symbol can be seen on snowboards, clothing, and other winter accessories all amplifying how much they have grown. Cost accounting plays a prevalent roll with all big business transactions. It is my intension to uncover various research areas that reflect how Burton Snowboarding Company reflects cost accounting. A few of the research areas that I will be addressing include: the exploration of research and development and future evolution of the sport, different marketing perspectives and how Burton accounts for alternative sources of revenue, and the positive and negative elements of publicity and their affect on the budget. Research and development is a key aspect attributed to the expansion and maturity of a company. Burton has done a good job of keeping up with competitors such as K2; a larger publicly traded company. Recently, Burton adopted rocker technology which shadowed K2’s three versions of rocker snowboards. Rocker boards include a slight arch that runs lengthwise from the tip to the tail of the board. This allows for a different experience on the snow; one similar to surfing. “They allow all levels of snowboarders more forgiveness in certain situations such as riding on rails and making
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turns in powder” said Chapman. Burton Snowboards just released their version called The Hero and Rome’s Artifact 1985 . In a little under two years, Burton has shown that they are eager to expand their company in numerous areas in order to provide year-long productivity and expansion. The most recognizable spokesperson for Burton is Olympic gold medalist Shaun White. Shaun White is a role model in the snowboarding industry. Many teenage boys and girls grow up watching television shows such as the X-games and the Winter Olympics and are captivated by the unique sport. They envision themselves gliding down the many interwoven trails, taming heart-stopping jumps, and expressing themselves with a cornucopia of complex tricks just as the professionals do. Every child aspires to be
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Cost Accounting - Burton Project - Paper - Thomas Ronan...

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