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DWC - Communism not in America - Thomas Ronan DWC Team J...

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Thomas Ronan DWC Team J journal Entry Communism in America When French political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville visited America he noticed major a major difference in how Americans went about, or at least perceived their lives that separated them from their European contemporaries. Tocqueville would comment in his book Democracy in America that Americans had this common notion that anyone who worked hard enough had a good chance of climbing the social ladder and make their own fortune. This uniquely American notion that valued individualism, personal property, and liberty would form the major tenets of the American dream and the concept of America itself. The deep roots of these concepts are certainly a reason why Communist and Socialist ideologies have extreme difficulty taking hold in American society. The success of these two ideologies in America has been further hampered by concerted efforts by the American government to combat communist influence within America and abroad. From its colonial beginnings, the settlers who came to America were individuals who sought opportunities to make for themselves new lives in this new untouched land. Even the indentured servants who sold themselves to wealthy landowners did so for the chance of a new beginning and personal gain. And indeed that opportunity existed, for in America a man could find large tracts of undeveloped land, new markets in which his business could thrive, and numerous other opportunities in which he could make for himself a living. These opportunities gave birth to a population that was mostly middle
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DWC - Communism not in America - Thomas Ronan DWC Team J...

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