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Daniel Hourihan Marriage Theology Ft. Folsey Reaction Paper The Church on Sexuality In his book “On the Body”, Carlo M. Martini outlines the position of the Catholic Church on the importance and spirituality of the human body in an age where sex sells and materialism seems to rule the minds of the public. The second and third chapters address the scared nature of the body and the proper application of human sexuality respectively. The second chapter entitled “What is the Body?” mainly focuses on how although the human body was created in the image of God and is therefore sacred, it is also the limited and mortal half of our being. He makes the point early in the chapter that people often mistake their body for themselves, “I am my body” when he claims that rather “we have a body.” 1 Martini explains that our bodies are finite and in fact “restrict” us if we use it as a definition of ourselves. It is our spirituality or our souls that truly define us and make us beautiful or ugly people. However, while the two aspects of our being seem completely juxtaposed, they are according to scripture connected in our creation by God who formed us out of clay and breathed live into us; the clay being our bodies and his breath being our spirit. Martini also emphasizes how humans were made in the image and likeness of God Himself, and therefore inherently beautiful. Because of these two facts, people are expected to “mirror” God in their actions just as they do in appearance. 2 From there Martini moves onto the third chapter called “Otherness and Sexuality.” Many, if not all the points made in this chapter, stem from his previous 1 Martini, Carlo M. On the Body: a Contemporary Theology of the Human Person . New York: Crossroad Co., 2001. p 33. 2 Martini, p 35.
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argument that humankind was modeled in the image of God and have God within them. Martini makes an interesting point about the relationship between man and woman; a man is only a man in relation to a woman, with out that counterpart, he is just a person without a major part of his personal identity, in essence, “man needs someone other than himself.” 3 Martini claims that there is a word “inscribed in all people, the word being “other” which references the person’s opposite sex but also God. 4 Our sexuality brings these two images of God, man and woman, together to make a more whole image of the “face of God which is Love.” For this reason our sexuality and our sexual actions should be valued, respected, and handled with care in accordance with guidelines meant to maintain its (human sexuality’s) dignity. 5
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Church Sex - Daniel Hourihan Marriage Theology Ft Folsey...

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