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Herringbone Outline

Herringbone Outline - Herringbone Outline Thomas Ronan...

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Herringbone Outline Thomas Ronan Chapter 1 Who – hay-trusser ( Michael Henchard ), his wife ( Susan ), their daughter ( Elizabeth- Jane) What – The Henchard’s walked along a road in the English countryside toward a large village. They meet a turnip-hoer and Henchard asks if there is work in town. After being told no, the family finds themselves at a fair where they stop to buy food. Michael notices that the one woman is spiking food with rum so he repeatedly sends his bowl up for more. Michael becomes drunk and sells his wife and child to a sailor. When – First half of the nineteenth century. Where – At the fair in Weydon-Priors. How – Auctioning them after hearing an auctioneer selling horses. Why – Michael was drunk. Main Idea of Chapter – The first chapter introduces the Henchard family and their eagerness to find work and shelter. We get an early glance at Michael, who only expresses his feelings with drunken words of anger and disgust. Title of Chapter – Drunken Husband Acts Out Chapter 2 Who – Michael Henchard What – Michael wakes up the next morning hoping everything was a dream. He continues on his way and enters a church where he pledges not to drink alcohol for twenty- one years, the same number of years that he has been alive. He keeps looking for his family and as months go by he becomes tired and gives up. He abandons his search and goes to Casterbridge. When – The morning after he had drank. Where – At a seaport. How – Travels to other destinations. Why – Michael felt guilty Main Idea of Chapter – Michael realized his actions were wrong and tried to find his family. Title of Chapter – A Man’s Ongoing Search. (to find himself and his family) Chapter 3 Who – Susan Henchard, Elizabeth-Jane, Newson, Henchard, furmity-seller
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What – Susan and her daughter go looking for a “relative” back in Weydon-Priors after the death of Newson, Elizabeth-Janes “real” father. When – Eighteen years after the auction. Where – Weydon-Priors How – With the help of the furmity-seller, who witnessed the selling of Susan years ago, Susan was able to gather information pertaining to her husbands whereabouts. Why – Susan wants to see what has become of her husband. Main Idea of Chapter – Susan wants to find her husband. Title of Chapter – Looking For Henchard Chapter 4 Who – Susan Henchard, Elizabeth-Jane What – Susan and Elizabeth-Jane approach Casterbridge, tired and hungry, looking for a bakery. They are informed by a woman that there is no good bread in the town. When – After hearing from the furmity-seller. Where – In the small town of Casterbridge. How – Susan and Elizabeth-Jane journeyed on foot and farmer’s wagons and carrier vans. Why – Susan was told Michael returned to Casterbridge a year after he sold her.
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Herringbone Outline - Herringbone Outline Thomas Ronan...

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