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ROLLIN - opposite side of the hall hitting the radiator...

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ROLLIN Category: Hallway Sports Objects Needed: Roll of Tape (must have decently sized and weight in order to get desired movement), Lineman (calls shots) Rules: The object of the game is to roll the tape ball similarly to that of a bowling ball down the hallway without allowing it to come in contact with any surrounding walls, doors, or obstructions. There are three point values that are awarded for a successful roll. 1 point is awarded for getting the roll of tape halfway down the hall without contact. 3 points are awarded if the tape ball successfully reaches the blue doors. Finally, 5 points are awarded if the player rolls the tape ball completely down the hall until it reaches the
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Unformatted text preview: opposite side of the hall, hitting the radiator. When a player hits this five point shot, he or she becomes a member of the Premium club because it is considered a premium shot. The game can be played with two players or team challenges consisting of four members. The main object for each team is to reach a total score of 11 points. When a team reaches this score they win unless the opposite team calls a REBUTTAL. When a rebuttal is called the player or players who had just lost gets one opportunity each to roll a PREMIUM shot. If in fact they roll a premium shot the game continues, but this time the winning score is 5....
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