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oral presentation thakkar - GM410 Foundations of...

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GM410 – Foundations of Professional Communication Oral Presentation Assignment – Persuasive Presentation Below you will find five documents: 1. The presentation assignment itself 2. A template to follow in creating an outline for your presentation 3. The topic choices for the presentation 4. Instructions for using Elluminate to record your presentation 5. The criteria that will be used in grading the presentation Please read all of these carefully before our Week 2 phone conversation so that we can discuss it and I can answer any questions that you may have. Note that, in order to record your presentation in Elluminate, you will need a microphone —regular or headset—for your computer, so if you don’t have one, you will need to purchase one. You should be able to get a fairly inexpensive one at an electronics store.
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Assignment for Persuasive Oral Presentation Background Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca said, "You can have exceptional ideas, but if you can't communicate them, it's as if you have no ideas at all." So far we have been focusing on written communication, but oral communication is just as important in many work situations. Both informative and persuasive presentations are very important in the workplace, but the presentation that you will do in Week 4 will be a persuasive presentation. That is, you will imagine a particular audience and a particular situation in which you would need to convince that audience to believe a particular point or take a particular action. Assignment Choose one of the topics listed on page 3 below. Imagine a situation in which you would need to persuade a particular audience to take a particular position or action about this topic. Develop and deliver a persuasive presentation about 6-9 minutes long, using a PowerPoint presentation with at least six slides. Steps in developing and delivering the presentation 1. In Week 3 you will create an outline of your presentation and post it in the week's discussion area for feedback from me and your classmates. The outline should follow the basic persuasive pattern shown on page 2 below, though naturally adapted for the particular purposes of your presentation.
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oral presentation thakkar - GM410 Foundations of...

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