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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 (Slide - 1) Hi Everyone, career counselor for Innovative Career Advisors. I would like to share some ideas about the current trends of the immerging c personally suggest for the computer technology students like you all is Internet Technology and related to its future. (Slide - 2) We can expect this in the future from the kids because of the Internet. (Slide - 3) Or this can be expected from our following generations. (Slide - 4) You might be wondering how this wonder is invented. The Internet and Transmission Control Protocols were initially develope scientist Vinton Cerf as part of a project sponsored by the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects American engineer Robert Kahn. The Internet began as a computer network of ARPA, known as ARPAnet that linked comput research laboratories in the United States. The World Wide Web was developed in 1989 by English computer scientist Timoth Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). From that point Internet has grown to a huge extent till date. Literally from each aOrganization for Nuclear Research (CERN)....
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