Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Chapter 8 Vocabulary - necklace e h N 0 e e e hN e e e e e...

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Unformatted text preview: necklace e h N 0 e e e hN e e e e e e e Te e e e e e e e h N 0 h N 0 h N h N 0 h N 0 h N shirt belt pants/trousers socks bag, briefcase shorts, briefs t-shirt jeans umbrella expensive inexpensive a lot a little, less a lot more a lot bigger a lot smaller a little more a little bigger a lot smaller (to) take, pick up (to) take ~ out of a box (to) put ~ in a box h N (to) wrap coat jacket necktie shoes handbag sweater skirt h N e h N 0 h N 0 h N 0 h N 0 h N 0 hN0 h N 0 e e Welcome. (to) show ~ (to) hold ~ (to) own ~ women's clothing men's clothing food luggage accessories music stationery How many ~ ? How much (money) ~ ? 0 May I help you (literally: are you looking for something)? ~ n ʶ 0 @ N0 x P How many ~ should I give you? (polite form of ~h N 0 0 How about this sweater? ) (polite form of ~e ~ n 0 @ N 0 This coat is 10,000 yen. Yes, I understand. (very polite form of 0 ) xP 0 ) Please wait a moment. p Do you have ~ ? / Do you carry ~ ? / (Literally: Isn't there ~ ? ) X N 0 Please give me ~. ~n 0 N 0 Please say it simply. x P ...
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