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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 Language h Deciding on something using D * D ʹ* A. Deciding on something, using D * Topic D Question Noun Particle h h , and making a request, using D D Noun h Answer Particle h Eʹ What will you drink I will have some milk (literally: As for drinks, what will you decide on)? (literally: I decide on milk). B. Making a request, using Question l E * Your order, please? h ` Noun h Answer Particle h ^E * I will have some coffee (literally: I request coffee). When ordering things in a restaurant, you may say lE ... or as well as ` l E ... h in the l E ... construction does not mean do but something like decide on h . You can use a number of quantity expressions with and l E ... ` depending on what is you are asking. Use h (Japanese origin number) to order dishes and drinks and h for bottles. When two or more items are listed, the sentence takes the form of "h quantity expression h Y h quantity expression..." l E ... h Inviting and responding, using a D + and E * A. Inviting, using lE ... Verb stem + h h h h E Why don't we have Japanese food (literally: Why don't we decide on Japanese food)? B. Eliciting and stating agreement, using l E ... Verb stem + E h h h E * and l E Verb stem + h h E h Shall we have Japanese food? h Let's have Japanese food. ...
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