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Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Chapter 9 Vocabulary - Chapter 9 Vocabulary A-p P p P p,P...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 Vocabulary A-p , P p , P p ,P p,P p, P p, p, p , P p , p , P p , P milk errand ramen ... Japanese food ,, soup spaghetti buckwheat noodles birthday Chinese fried rice Chinese food dessert tempura hamburger pizza I would like to have - . I don't need anything. p ,P Decide/s on - . hello (on the phone) ... ,, Please don't bother. ... A-Lunch ice cream Italy Italian food green tea curry rice cake sashimi salad sandwich juice sushi steak No, thank you. ... ,, Is this the - residence? ~ an h -D p, P x It's not really convenient./I already have plans. ` n h- D I have some errands to do. ~ a nh-D p, P My name is - . Is - home. ...,, x4 ...,, p , together a little bit p,P - (to) order (to) meet (to) invite; to call ...
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