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Unformatted text preview: SAMPLE FINAL EXAM ANSWER KEY I. JAPANESE II Note that the fonts for typing and the forms for handwriting can be different. Check them with the practice sheets in Homework Packet. II. Listening Comprehension 1 No answer keys for this problem. III. Listening Comprehension II No answer keys for this problem but here are some tips. When the questions are provided in Japanese, you should read them and understand them before listening part starts. Understanding the questions beforehand greatly helps your understanding. Remember to answer with questions. or ending to and are totally different questions. the skirt mentioned in #3. There are two question words. = You need to provide two kinds of information. IV. Particles V. Fill in the blanks VI. Complete the conversation Before writing anything, read the whole dialogue and get the rough idea on what is going on. Sometimes, your answer fits in a particular line but not in the whole dialogue's context. VII. Reading It is a good idea to read all of the questions before you start reading a paragraph. Because the questions are in a short sentences and easier to understand and they include a lot of information on the topic of the paragraph, it makes easier for you to understand the long paragraph. (and you know where to pay special attention) ...
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