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Unformatted text preview: D rexel University Managerial Statistics (EN MGT 571) Summer 2009 , Internet Based Course on BB Vista Professor Rick Grandrino (w) 856-914-6716 (w) (C) 609-417-5110 Required Texts: (1) Probability of Statistics for Engineering & Sciences by Jay L. Devore; 7 th edition, Duxbury Press Publishing (ISBN: 0-495-55744-7) Software: SPSS for Windows (Student Version 17.0 or better); This is accessible to all students from Drexel OLT Downloading Instructions are provided the first week of class Excel Statistical Tool Suite (Statistical Applications in Excel; Activate Analysis tool pack in excel by clicking on tools, add-ins, check analysis tool pack-VBA and hit OK) Course Descriptions/Objectives Statistics is the major research tool of almost all disciplines. Statistics provides students with capabilities and skills necessary to analyze and understand data. This course provides a hands-on approach to solving statistical problems by emphasizing theory and application. This course is an elementary statistics course and focuses on basic skills and understanding of fundamental statistics that includes, the concept of probability, continuous and discrete probability distributions, and data sampling theory. This course elaborates on a hands on /application approach. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Understand basic probability and statistical concepts 2. Apply these concepts to solve statistics problems 3. Understand discrete and continuous probability distributions 4. Understand how to generate and interpret graphical data using histograms, scaterplots, boxplots, etc. 5. Use SPSS software to solve statistical problems BB Vista Shared Data Environment This course uses an internet medium, BB Vista as a shared data environment for all classwork, notes, lecture material and submittal of assignments and exams. Notes and videos are available under the Course Materials and Videos function located beneath the course menu . You need to have real player software to ascertain accessibility to view a lecture. There is also a set of notes accompanying this course. These notes consist of power point slides, word documents, excel spread sheets and other software application files. Any assignments/exams associated with the course must be submitted by the date indicated on the BB Vista home page under Important Dates. Folders will be created in the Assignment sections of BB Vista for assignment submital. Assignment sections of BB Vista for assignment submital....
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Stats_syl_EM571_internet-summer2009 - D rexel University...

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