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reading notes social stratification - Social stratification...

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Social stratification- persistent patters of social inequality within society. A photograph of a large painting fo the somber faces of several black man catches my attention. the artist a refugees form the civil war in sudan is the in the photograph. He lives a way lower life in Canada then his home county. Because of his low pay, he cannot afford the canvass on which he would love to pain. Not all poor Canadians are out of work. Many are better described as being among the “working poor” “low paying jobs lie behind employments boom” The quality of Canadian employment has been declining. Althought corporate earnings are up, Canadian familes are falling behind. The average candian family was earning only about 1 percent more in 2005 than in 1990. Over the same period average deb is increased by 40%. A low position in the ranking of the social stratification system, means having little power, little wealth , and little prestige, a whereas a higher position generally impolies the opposite. Stratification a corner stone of sociology Four basic areas of inquiry0social structure- tehw ay in which society is organized-formally and informally Social order- what is it that holds together a society comprising individuals with different interests and when and why does social order break down Social change-how and hwy do societies the institutions sand power structure within them and the values and beliefs held by individuals members change. Social stratification-the manner in which valued resources are distributed and the way in which advantages of wealth power, and prestige are passed from generation. Social stratification is the cornerstone of sociology . description of social structure that ignore the stratification system are clearly inadequate. Social stratification: Examples: aboriginal Canadians are much more likely than most other to be living in poverty Immigrants are dong less well even though they are better educated Most larger corporations are run by men and many working poor continue to struggle to make ends meet even thought he economy has been booming Inequalities in wealth can threaten social stability(the poor resenting the wealthy) inequalities in power can be used to maintain social order. For example powerful corporations might lobby provincial governments for changes in labor laws that would make it more difficult for unions to organize company employees. In less democratic countries direct control of the police and military by a powerful minority can lead to the quick and violent suppression of unrest among the masses. An understanding of social stratification is also essential for studying social change. Social hierarchies in stratified societies
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reading notes social stratification - Social stratification...

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