Chapter 5 outline - Chapter 5 outline Equal Rights:...

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Chapter 5 outline Equal Rights: Struggling Toward Fairness Equal rights, or civil rights, are terms that refer to the right of every person to equal protection under the law and equal access to society's opportunities and public facilities. The chapter begins with a history of the struggle of various minorities for equality in America. It addresses the situations of African Americans, women, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, the disabled, aged and other similarly disadvantaged groups. The chapter includes both constitutional amendments and legislation designed to provide legal equality. The chapter concludes with a discussion of equality of result and continuing concerns regarding discrimination in American society. I. The Struggle for Equality The meaning of the concept of equality has been subjected to scrutiny and review since Jefferson's time. The history of America shows that disadvantaged groups have rarely achieved an additional degree of legal equality without a struggle. 1. African Americans were faced with overcoming the barriers stemming from the condition of slavery. Though subjected to considerable discrimination even after the Civil War amendments and Civil Rights acts, they did not begin to receive favorable consideration from the 2. Supreme Court until the 1930s. The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decisionwas a significant breakthrough in combating racial discrimination. It paved the way for negation of the prevailing "separate but equal" doctrine, and encouraged the modern civil rights movement. Although African Americans have made some legal progress since the 1960s, the economic and legal situation of African Americans has not improved significantly. The only area in which 3. African Americans have made notable progress is in winning election to
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Chapter 5 outline - Chapter 5 outline Equal Rights:...

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