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BYP1-2 - profitable Both companies have excellent financial...

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BYP1-2: (Numbers are in millions) (A) 1. PepsiCo: $31,727 Coca-Cola: $29,427 2. PepsiCo: $3,261 Coca-Cola: $2,281 3. PepsiCo: $32,567 Coca-Cola: $23,104 4. PepsiCo: $4,078 Coca-Cola: $4,872 (B) When comparing Pepsi and Coca-Cola, we find that PepsiCo’s assets are exactly 8 percent greater. PepsiCo’s accounts receivable is 43% percent greater and therefore gives them a 41% lead in net sales. However Coca-Cola still manages to be slightly more
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Unformatted text preview: profitable. Both companies have excellent financial reports, however, PepsiCo is less productive with its assets than Coca-Cola company is. Coca-Cola might be selling fewer products in numbers than Pepsi is, but they have managed to have a more efficient operation....
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