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Chapter 14 Biology Reading MENDEL’S PEAS character - heritable feature trait - Each variant for a character -Mendel only looked at either or characteristics rather than those that lie on a spectrum - true breeding - plants that obtain offsprings all of the same variety when they self polinate - hybridization - the crossing of two true breeding varieties - P Generation - true breeding parents - F1- hybrid offsprings - F2 - F1 generation allowed to self polinate producing F2 THE LAW OF SEGREGATION -3:1 ratio of purple to white flowers MENDEL’S MODEL 1. Alternative versions of genes account for variations in inherited characters - alleles - alternative versions of a gene 2. For each character, an organism inherits two alleles, one from each parent 3. If the two alleles at a locus differ, the dominant allele determins the organims’s appearance, the recessive allele has no noticeable effect on appearence. 4. The Law of Segregation - the two alleles for heritable character separate during gamete formation and end up in different gametes. -an egg or sperm gets only one of the two alleles present in somatic cell
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Chapter_14_Biology_Reading - Chapter 14 Biology Reading...

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