Lecture1 - I. Photosynthesis: quick review Capture energy...

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I. Photosynthesis: quick review Capture energy from the sun light Occur in the grana light Perform carbon fixation dark Form ATP via chemiosmosis light Form sugar from CO2 dark Products of noncyclic energy flow NADPH ATP O2 Products of cyclic energy flow GTP, sugar, NADP+, ADP During photosynthesis, what is oxidized and what is reduced? H2O, CO2 Mitochondira, peroxisome, ribosome are not part of endomembrane system. II. The Cell: Sheet 2 Which organelle has DOUBLE lipid bilayer? Nucleus, mitochondria, chloroplast Which organelle has SINGLE lipid bilayer? Golgi, ER, lysosome, plasma membrane (eukaryotes) (1 or 2 in prokaryotes), vacuole, peroxisome. Which organelles have DNA? Nucleus, mitochondria, chloroplast. Which organelles are unique to PROKARYOTES? Pili, flagella. Which organelles are unique to EUKARYOTES? Mitochondria, golgi, nucleus, ER, lysosomes, chloroplasts (plant), vacuole, peroxisome, What are COMMON organelles in prokaryotes and eukaryotes (they both have)? Plasma membrane, ribosomes, DNA (genetic material). Know specific function of each cell Intracellular Junctions: Plants: plasmodesmata (channels that perforate cell walls) Animals: Tight junctions, desmosomes, gap junctions Which permit transfer of information between cells? III. Endocytosis/ Exocytosis Exo: 1) release things from cell 2)deliver membrane components to surface (fusion) Endo: uptake from outside world (fission) Ie: phagocytosis, pinocytosis IV. Tonicity vs. Osmosis Osmosis: SIMPLE, diffusion movement of water across semipermeable membrane -moves from lower solute conc. To higher solute conc. Until conc is equal
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Tonicity: osmosis determined by …FOCUS ON THE SOLUTE THAT CANT CROSS MEMBRANE -hypertonic, hypotonic, isotonic Cell: Enviro: 1M sucrose 2M sucrose 5M fructose 10M fructose 10M glucose 5 M glucose Which direction is net osmotic movement Which solute will exhibit net diffusion into cell, out of cell Which surrounding is hpertonic Will cell shrink or swell? What is the ideal condition for plants? For animal cells? V.
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Lecture1 - I. Photosynthesis: quick review Capture energy...

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