By Any Other Name (Outline)

By Any Other Name (Outline) - A. Inconvenient Facts B....

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By Any Other Name Introduction – Why has race been alluded to as a “powerful allusion” and what are the social implications of racial designation on the basis of race, both in the past and in the present? I. History of the classification of race A. Designations of race 1. Social Construct (Invention) a. Samuel Morton b. Scientific Racism i. Craniometry 2. Division of a Continuum 3. Arbitrary and Trivial (Lead to later reference Hispanic ) B. Inconvenient Facts C. One-Drop blood rule II. Arbitrary nature of racial classification A. Hispanic B. One Drop rule C. Whites of today vs. The Whites of yesterday 1. Jews, Irish, Lower Europeans (Sicilians) III. Power Race has had in the history
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Unformatted text preview: A. Inconvenient Facts B. Sparks of Mass violence on the basis of race C. Us-Them phenomena D. DuBois 1. Racism and economics IV. Future of Race A. W.E.B. DuBois Conclusion Race is best denoted as a powerful illusion in that while it holds great social significance and has been a powerful force for both good and evil acts, its construction is arbitrary and lacks biological significance. (Good discussion of the definition of the paradox of race--but more examples would have helped this essay. Can racial classifications change over time? Role of economics?)...
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By Any Other Name (Outline) - A. Inconvenient Facts B....

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