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Study Guide: Principles of Chemistry I Chapter 12b: Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Theory Test1 Review 1. Understand the “Standing Wave” model of the electron a. They have nodes (sideway displacement occurs) b. Have a whole number of half waves c. Schroedinger’s wave equation has a 3D wave function characterized by psi c.i. Psi is the probability that the particle will be found in a small region of space divided by the volume of the region of space 2. Understand the Uncertainty principle a. If the uncertainty in position is very small, the uncertainty in momentum is very large b. Thus, spoken of in terms of probability functions which represent orbitals 3. Understand the “particle in a box” concept a. A particle with mass (m) is confined in a one-dimensional box with a distance (L) apart b. Only certain wavelengths can exist because of the possibility of destructive interference c. The energy of the particle is quantized c.i. Restricted to discrete energy levels c.ii. Only discrete amounts of energy can be transferred to the particle
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UTChemistryStudyGuide(revised) - Study Guide Principles of...

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