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BISC220 Lab 1 expected results

BISC220 Lab 1 expected results - Chapter 1 Biological...

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Chapter 1: Biological Materials and Enzyme Action Part A 1. Test for carbohydrates A. Test for starch Test with IKI, or Lugol’s iodine. 1 Potato scrapings in water + 2 Apple srapings in water + 3 Egg white - 4 Cracker crumbs in water + B. Test for simple sugars Benedict’s test. 1 Chopped liver - 2 Potato scrapings + 3 Apple scrapings + 4 Whole milk + 2. Test for lipids Test with Sudan IV. Note The procedure of Sudan test changed after Tuesday. I will get the new procedure and write it down here. 1 Whole milk + 2 Chopped liver - 3 Potato scrapings - 4 Egg yolk + 3. Test for proteins See part B
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Part B 1. Action of Pancreatic Enzymes on Starch Sample Result Tube A (pancreatin, starch and IKI) - Tube B (boiled pancreatin, starch and IKI) + Tube C (pancreatin and IKI) control - Tube D (starch and IKI) control + Note Many pointed it out to me that in Tube B, the dark-blue color disappeared after mixed well. I am still thinking about why it was so. If you have an idea please discuss it with me.
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