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Quiz 08 Posted Answers

Quiz 08 Posted Answers - Quiz 08 Covers 25 Mar 9(Intro to...

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Quiz 08 Covers lectures 23, 24, 25: Mar 9 (Intro to Physiol) through Mar 13 (Blood) Posted: Friday, March 13, 1 pm Deadline: Wednesday, March 25, 6 am (1 week extension due to Spring Break) 1. If a molecule diffusing through extracellular fluid travels 1 mm in 1 sec, how long will it take that molecule to diffuse 1 cm? (b) a. 10 sec b. 100 sec c. 1,000 sec d. 10,000 sec 2. It was always assumed that dinosaur hearts were like those of modern reptiles. However, a fossil of the dinosaur Tescelosaurus was found with unusually well preserved soft tissues. A computerized tomography scan revealed that this dinosaur’s heart had a complete partition dividing the left and right halves of the ventricle, and there was a single arched aorta. Which one of the following best describes the significance of these findings? (a) a. Tescelosaurus may have been an endotherm. b. Tescelosaurus was a direct ancestor of modern birds. c. The lack of a right systemic artery would have made it impossible for Tescelosaurus to hold its breath.
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