Cultures of Latin America - Paper _1 - Fall 2008

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Comparative Literature 250g Cultures of Latin America Fall 2008 Paper #1 Length: 600-800 words Due Date: September 30 Please write an essay on the following topic.  Make sure that your paper has a title, and that you follow  MLA guidelines throughout. Some of the six poems by Pablo Neruda included in our course reader deal explicitly with Latin America;  other poems do not.  Choose two of these poems and write about them in the context of Borges’s “The  Argentine Writer and Tradition.”  Keep in mind that what Borges says about “the Argentine writer and  tradition” in his essay may also be equally valid (or not) for writers from other parts of Latin America,  including Neruda’s native Chile.  Please focus on the essay’s conclusion: “We should feel that our  patrimony is the universe; we should essay all themes, and we cannot limit ourselves to purely Argentine 
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Unformatted text preview: subjects in order to be Argentine; for either being Argentine is an inescapable act of fateand in that case we shall be so in all eventsor being Argentine is a mere affectation, a mask (185). To what extent would you say the poems by Neruda you chose play out these ideas? Are the themes of the poems local or universal? Can one detect in them any explicit fashioning of Latin America? Most importantly, to what extent do you agree, or not, with Borgess ideas about writers and tradition in this part of the world? What do the poems by Neruda contribute, or not, to this discussion? Please feel free to restructure or reorganize these questions in whichever way you deem best....
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