Cultures of Latin America - Paper _2 - Fall 2008

Cultures of Latin America - Paper _2 - Fall 2008 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Comparative Literature 250g Cultures of Latin America Fall 2008 Paper #2 Length: 600-800 words Due Date: November 18 Please write an essay on the following topic. Make sure that your paper has a title, and that you follow MLA guidelines throughout. Viewed from a certain angle, what we have been doing in this course resembles to some extent what the philosopher Averroes does in Borges’s “Averroes’ Search,” namely, trying to understand and explain aspects of an alien culture. Indeed, even those of us with biographical ties to Latin America may feel a bit like Averroes when we read a writer such as Sor Juana, who lived more than three centuries ago in a world quite different from our own, or when we look at the casta paintings, whose meanings seem to remain elusive. Then again, arguably, there are major similarities between many of these works and works from other parts of the world that we may be...
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