2008 BIO 208 syllabus-6

2008 BIO 208 syllabus-6 - Bio 208 Cell, Brain and Mind...

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Bio 208 – Cell, Brain and Mind (Fall 2008) Tu/Th 9:50- 11:10 AM Javits 110 Course Director: Dr. Stephen Yazulla Course Lecturer: Dr. Lorne Mendell Course TA: Ms. Freyja McClenahan Lecture Schedule (subject to modification) Class # Date Day Lecturer Title 1 Sept 2 Tues Yazulla Overview: Why study the Brain? What makes us human? 2 Sept 4 Thurs Yazulla Biological Membranes: overcoming barriers 3 Sept 9 Tues Yazulla How Neurons Communicate; Electrical Activity 4 Sept 11 Thurs Yazulla How Neurons Communicate; Chemical Transmission 5 Sept 16 Tues Yazulla Nervous System Organization and Blood Brain Barrier 6 Sept 18 Thurs Yazulla Nervous System, Localization of Function 7 Sept 23 Tues Yazulla Brain Imaging for functional localization 8 Sept 25 Thurs staff Exam 1 – Classes 1-7 Sept 30 Tues Rosh Hashana – No Class 9 Oct 2 Thurs Mendell Wiring the Brain- Neural development 10 Oct 7 Tues Yazulla Cortical Layering and 2 Pathologies Oct 9 Thurs Yom Kippur – No Class 11 Oct 14 Tues Mendell Motor output: how the brain controls movement 12 Oct 16 Thurs Mendell Organization of the spinal cord and strategies for its repair 13 Oct 21 Tues Mendell The gain from pain: minimizing potential damage to the body 14 Oct 23 Thurs Mendell Genes and the nervous system 15 Oct 28 Tues staff Exam 2 – Classes 9-14 16 Oct 30 Thurs Yazulla You think natural is better? Designer Drugs from Nature 17 Nov 4 Tues Yazulla TBA 18 Nov 6 Thurs Yazulla Drug addiction – effects on the brain. 19
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2008 BIO 208 syllabus-6 - Bio 208 Cell, Brain and Mind...

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