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Part 4 Inventory: What you should be able to do if you have mastered Part 4 Use the PSE. PSP, QRT Homework, and the Exam Library for Practice MSJ Chapter 22: Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds Write electron configurations of transition metals and transition metal ions. 22.1, Lec 35 Use photoelectron spectra to determine electron binding energies. Lec 35 Explain the trend in binding energies across the 3d transition metals. Lec 35 Identify the general difference between steel and iron. 22.2 Explain why gold does not react with hydrochloric or nitric acid but does react with a mixture of these two acids, which is called aqua regia. 22.4 Explain why it is possible to dissolve silver and gold using sodium cyanide. 22.4
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