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Molecular Modelling The three-dimensional structures of molecules help determine the physical properties and the reactivity of  molecules. It is therefore necessary to be able to predict the three-dimensional shapes so that we can predict  these physicals properties of compounds, and in time, predict the reactivity of these compounds.  The following pages are designed to help you learn to predict the shapes of molecules and the consequences  of those shapes: the melting points, boiling points, densities, and solubilities of compounds.  To view and to manipulate some of the images (those with an "MDL" in  the bottom right hand corner) presented in this module, it is necessary  that you have installed MDL's  Chemscape Chime   and   that you use  Netscape 4.5  as your browser. Other versions or browsers  may not work properly.
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Unformatted text preview: After installing Chime you will need to restart Windows, if you have a PC, or Netscape, if you have a Mac. Here is a set of instructions on how to use the mouse with Chime . 1. Lewis Structures 2. Formal Charge 3. Resonance Structures 4. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory 5. Bond and Molecular Polarity 6. Intermolecular Forces 7. VSEPR Tutorial 8. VSEPR Quiz WWW Chemistry Modules FastCounter by LinkExchange The content of personal and other unofficial home pages is not sanctioned by Georgia Southern University and does not represent official information or opinions of the University. Brenda Wojciechowski and Paul Cerpovicz are responsible for the contents of this page. Last Updated: 1 JUN 1998...
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