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assign06 - i b = 10 kg m 2/sec ii b = 20 kg m 2/sec iii b =...

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SYSC 3600 – Assignment #6 1/.(a) What is the defining differential equation for the system show? The input is the applied voltage and the output is the angle ( θ ) of the motor’s output shaft. (b) What is the system’s transfer function? (c) Assuming the that k t is 4 Volt sec , R is 0.8 , and k is 40 kg m 2 /sec 2 , what will the system’s steady state output be if the input is connected to a 5V supply at t = 0? Show how the answer can be obtained i) from the defining differential equation ii) by analyzing the steady state situation iii) by using the final value theorem (d) Assuming the same input, how will the system respond if J = 10 kg m 2 and
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Unformatted text preview: i) b = 10 kg m 2 /sec ? ii) b = 20 kg m 2 /sec ? iii) b = 40 kg m 2 /sec ? In each case give the output as a function of time and give the value of θ at t = 5 seconds. You are encouraged to use Matlab in all three cases but for case ii) you must also compute the result "manually" and doing the other cases manually as well is a good way of practicing for your exams (when Matlab will not be available). (e) Assuming J = 10 kg m 2 and b = 10 kg m 2 /sec, how will the system respond if the input voltage is turned off at t = 10 seconds. Give the output as a function of time. What will the ultimate output be? Does this make sense?...
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