assign09 - Outputs and is changing at 0.5 Outputs /sec....

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SYSC 3600 – Assignment #9 1/. Using whatever technique you prefer, determine the transfer function for the system shown below. The input is the applied voltage and the output is the angular position of the drum. If it looks familiar, it's because it's just Q1 of the midterm with the linear spring replaced by a torsional spring (more appropriate as the spring can exert a force in both directions). There is no need to fully model the system. Instead you may just make the appropriate adjustments to the state space equations from the midterm solution. Suppose that the system is subjected to a step input of X volts. What will its steady state output be? Explain your result in terms of the physical system. 2/. A second order system has ω N = 2, ζ = 0.8, and k = 10. At time t = 0 the output is 40
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Unformatted text preview: Outputs and is changing at 0.5 Outputs /sec. Initially there is no input, but at time t = 2 a 15 Input step is applied. What is the system's output as a function of time? 3/. The jet blast hitting a screen subjects it to a force. Jet Blast k S m friction b x This force varies as shown below: 20s 40s 1600N 800N Assuming that m = 250 kg, b = 212.132 N-s/m and k S = 2000 N/m how far will the screen move in either direction (i.e. what are the minimum and maximum values of x )? At what times will these extreme displacements occur? Once the force has ceased, the screen will eventually settle down to within 2 cm of its equilibrium position. At what time will this happen? 4/. Assuming that L = 1H and C = 0.5625F, what value of R will make the system below critically damped?...
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assign09 - Outputs and is changing at 0.5 Outputs /sec....

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