sysc3600midtermf06 - the time intervals limits of...

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CARLETON UNIVERSITY Department of Systems and Computer Engineering SYSC 3600 Systems and Simulation Fall 2006 Mid-Term Test Thursday, October 26, 2006 All questions are of equal value Closed book, two sides of 8.5”x11” aid sheet ________________________________________________________________________ Question #1 Model the following dynamic system in energy state variable form. Clearly define the order of the system, the energy storage devices and the state variables. The input is V in (t) and the output is 2 (t). Do not draw the simulation diagram. Question #2 Convolve the following signals. Use graphical convolution techniques. Clearly indicate
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Unformatted text preview: the time intervals, limits of integration and the integrands for each component of the solution. Do not compute the integrals. & ± & ² ³ ≤ < ≤ < =--otherwise t e t e t h t t 5 3 3 1 ) ( ) 5 ( ) 1 ( & ± & ² ³ ≤ <-≤ < + = otherwise t t t v 7 5 1 3 1 1 ) ( and Question #3 A system has input f(t), output x(t), and the impulse response ) ( 10 ) ( 5 2 t t e e t h---= a) What is the system’s transfer function? b) Using your answer to part (a) and using Laplace Transform techniques, find x(t) assuming that ) ( 8 ) ( t u t f = c) Show how convolution could be used to confirm you answer to part (b). You need not actually evaluate any integrals that you might come up with....
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sysc3600midtermf06 - the time intervals limits of...

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