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assign09 - SYSC 3600 Assignment#9 1 Model the system shown...

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SYSC 3600 – Assignment #9 1/. Model the system shown below in state space form. While the deflections of the two springs may seem an obvious choice for two of the state variables, you will find it more convenient to select the displacements of the two masses instead. Note that the two possibilities are essentially equivalent: if we know the displacements of the masses we can work out the deflections of the springs, and vice versa. 2/. Draw the simulation diagram and, using block diagram reduction, obtain the transfer function for the system. 3/. Put the state space equations in matrix form. Then plug in the following values m 1 = 2kg m 2 = 1kg k 1 = 10 N/m k 2 = 20 N/m c 1 = 6 N/(m/s)
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