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assign10 - Important Note If you have an older(pre winter...

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SYSC 3600 – Assignment #10 Do lab #3 (from the lab manual) and submit a report. You may work in pairs and need only submit one report per pair. If you elect to do this, be sure that both of your names and student numbers appear on the report. Students who simply do what is asked for in the lab manual will earn at most 90% of the mark for this assignment. The remaining 10% is reserved for students who show a little initiative and investigate things that are not covered in the lab manual.
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Unformatted text preview: Important Note: If you have an older (pre winter 2007?) copy of the lab manual some elements of lab #3 may be incorrect. Check figure 2 and equations (4), (5), (6), (15), (19), (20) and (21) against the copy of the lab posted on WebCT. The equations should be either all correct or all incorrect (i.e. checking one equation is probably enough)....
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