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CHAPTER 4 REVIEW Marketing Concepts: Testing Your Knowledge 1. Marketing information system (MIS) A system for gathering, sorting, analyzing, storing, and distributing relevant marketing informational to managers in a timely manner. Three primary reasons that a firm needs a MIS. i. First, marketers generally require ongoing information (which is in the form of company records and reports added to the MIS on an ongoing basis). ii. Second, the firm needs to monitor information (which comes from regular scanning of the important marketing environments). iii. Third, marketers use a MIS to handle requested information (which is not available in the MIS and must be obtained through customized research studies). . 2. Marketing decision support system (MDSS) Helps marketers easily get the information they need by including analytical and interactive software that allows manager to access MIS data and conduct their own analyses 3. Phases in the marketing research process The marketing research process has six distinct phases . a. Define the Research Problem . This stage is critical to the research project. Defining the research issue as precisely as possible allows researchers to set objectives that will Ensures that the questions are asked of the right consumers and are focusing on the right factors in the problem solution. b.
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2204chapter%204%20review - CHAPTER 4 REVIEW Marketing...

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