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CHAPTER 12 REVIEW Marketing Concepts: Testing Your Knowledge 1. What is integrated marketing communication (IMC)? Integrated Marketing Communication is a strategic business process that marketers use to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communication programs over time with key stakeholders. The IMC philosophy recognizes that customers absorb information about products and organizations from many sources, not all of which are under the marketer’s control. IMC views communication from the customer’s perspective and attempts to coordinate a consistent message. 2. What is communication? What are the goals of communication? Communication is the coordination of a marketer’s marketing communications efforts to influence attitudes or behaviour. The goals of communication are to: Inform Remind Persuade Build relationships 3. How does communication theory help marketers develop more effective communications strategies? Communications theory provides models that help marketers be more effective by allowing them to understand the elements necessary for communications to occur. The communications model specifies that a number of elements are necessary for communication to occur. These elements are a source, a message, a medium and a receiver (figure 12.2) The AIDA model (figure 12.3) looks at the communication goals of the message, and structures them around attention, interest, desire and action.
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The FCB grid (figure 12.4) proposes different communications strategies based on the degree of involvement and the decision- making approach of the consumer. These are just three of the many models that have been developed. 4. List and describe the elements of the communication mix. Advertising
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2204chapter%2012%20review - CHAPTER 12 REVIEW Marketing...

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