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CHAPTER 13 REVIEW Marketing Concepts What is advertising and what is its role in marketing? Advertising is a nonpersonal communication paid for by an identified sponsor who is using mass media to persuade or inform. Advertising informs, reminds, and creates (persuades) consumer desire. In other words, advertising is intended to bring about some change in its audience, whether to create awareness of a product, to change the way we think about it, or to get us to run out and buy it immediately. 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, directories, out-of-home media, and computer media for advertising? Vehicle Strengths Weaknesses Newspapers Wide exposure Short time reading Flexible format Low readership Magazines Targeted audiences Expensive Long life and repeat reading Long deadline dates Television Extremely creative M essage impression is fleeting High impact message Fragmented audience Radio Targeted audiences Lack of attention Low cost Not appropriate for some products Internet Banners Narrow targeting possible Easily ignored Can be cost effective Very cluttered environment Measurable Security/privacy issues
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Outdoor Low cost Not good for complex messages Good supplemental medium Visual pollution image Place-based Can break through clutter Relative high cost in popular areas 1. How can advertisers make sure their advertising is effective before it is placed in the media, and what criteria can be used to critique advertising? Advertisers can measure the effectiveness of their advertising by pretesting, which is a research methods that seeks to minimize mistakes by getting consumer reactions to ad messages before they appear in the media. They can also undertake copy testing, which measures the effectiveness of ads by determining whether consumers are receiving, comprehending and responding to the ad according to plan.
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2204chapter%2013%20review - CHAPTER 13 REVIEW Marketing...

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