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AR 100 Short Study guide for the First Midterm Know following definitions, terms, sites, hominid species and associated dates Visit the web sites inserted in the syllabus What is archaeology? Main goals of archaeology The first writing and where Surveys Excavations - How do we excavate the sites Context Sites Artifacts, ecofacts, features Division of the Paleolithic- main characteristics, advances, and dates Lower, Middle, Upper Paleolithic Hominid species and when and where they first appear (dates), if they coexist, sites, the names of tool technologies, first appearance of fire, language, and symbolic behavior (refer to tables-charts in Price and Feinman) Australopithecus afarensis (e.g., Lucy, Laetoli footprints) Australopithecus boisei (e.g., Zinj) Homo habilis (fossils from Koobi Fora) Homo erectus (e.g, “Turkana boy”) Archaic Homo ( e.g., skull from Broken Hill, Zambia, Kalambo Falls) Homo sapiens neaderthalensis /various representations (misconceptions) and theories/ EuroAsia
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