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LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (APA) ETHIC’S CODE Includes: * No sex with current clients * No sex with former clients until at least two years after termination of therapy * No therapy with former sex partners * In general, avoid “ dual relationships ” (personal or professional) CONFIDENTIALITY AND LIMITS OF CONFIDENTIALITY * Confidentiality is both an ethical standard and a legal obligation * In certain situations, confidentiality MUST be breached. (1) Child abuse (2) Older or dependent adult abuse (3) To prevent a serious crime of violence (4) Records are being subpoenaed by the courts * Client is informed in writing of these exceptions before starting therapy * In addition, a psychologist MAY disclose relevant information in emergency situations to protect a client from self-harm.
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(1) Client discloses information about CHILD ABUSE * Def. “child”: minor (under age 18) * Child abuse includes: - Physical abuse - Emotional or verbal abuse - Neglect - Sexual abuse * Reports made to CPS (Child Protective Services), or local police. Child Sexual Abuse: * Definition of child sexual abuse includes: - Sexual assault - Molestation (inappropriate touching) - Incest - Sexual exposure - Sexual exploitation - Sexual grooming * Age and status considerations: - Laws stricter if minor is under 16; still stricter if under 14 - Ages similar and both minors, no report may be required, e.g.:
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