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SCHIZOPHRENIAS Part One MISCONCEPTIONS * Not a “split personality’ as in two identities, but a “split mind” and shattered personality * Not a violent disorder PREVALENCE, ONSET, COURSE, GENDER RATIO: * 1% of the world’s population (i.e., 1 in 100) ONSET: * Usually late teens to mid 20's * “Acute” onset vs. “chronic” onset - Acute onset : suddenly appearing psychotic symptoms with good “premorbid” adjustment - Chronic onset : slow process of steady deterioration without periods of remission COURSE: * Better prognosis for acute onset than for chronic onset * Deterioration with each episode * Treatable disorder but as of yet no cure GENDER: * Overall 1:1 BUT : - More younger males (under 25) first diagnosed than younger females - More older women (starting age 40) first diagnosed than older men - Note that the majority of both males and females are first diagnosed when young MAIN SYMPTOMS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA * Perception: Hallucinations - Definition: Sensory experiences without sensory stimulation - Mostly auditory hallucinations (“voices”), sometimes also visual, olfactory, or tactile - “Voices” are realistic and heard outside of one’s head - Voices may be: commenting, critical, commanding, whispering
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* Thought Content: Delusions - Definition: Fragmented, bizarre, and false belief systems.
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schizophrenia_lec1 - SCHIZOPHRENIAS MISCONCEPTIONS * * Part...

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