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SCHIZOPHRENIAS Part Two WHAT CAUSES SCHIZOPHRENIA? * One disorder or several disorder? * One causal factor or several causal factors? FINDINGS: * Dilation of ventricles * Atrophy of limbic system structures (especially the hippocampus) * Thalamus irregularities (sensory gating deficit) * Frontal lobes (shrinkage, underactive) * Neuropsychological impairment * Soft neurological signs * EEG abnormalities * Temporal lobe abnormalities (auditory cortex) * Eye movement abnormalities (tracking, blink rate, reflexes) * Age of father (i.e., sperm donor) * Pregnancy / birth complications * Developmental abnormalities - Handedness - Fingerprints - Neuronal Trimming
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* “Seasonality of Birth” - Critical period: Second trimester (i.e., 4th-6th month of prenatal development) * Biochemical abnormalities - Dopamine system - Serotonin system - Glutamate system GENETICS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA General Population: 1% (Spouse: 2%) First Cousin: 2% Nephew / Niece: 4% Sibling: 9% Fraternal Twin: 17% Identical Twin: 48% Offspring of: - One schizophrenic parent: 13% - 2 schizophrenic parents: 46% ETIOLOGY: * Genetics * Neurodevelopment * Virus * Stress/trauma factors as contributors Remember: Diathesis-Stress Model!
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schizophrenia_lec2 - SCHIZOPHRENIAS WHAT CAUSES...

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